About Us

We are a food and commodity marketing business based in Sydney, serving the import and export requirements of the Australian food manufacturing, food re-packing and food service industries.

We are active in a range of mostly non-perishable products, and enclosed herewith you will find our Import Products List which highlight our actively traded items.

Our clients, past and present, include most major Australian food producers, foodservice suppliers, as well as fruit and vegetable producers/ canners, and a number of re-packers and re-processors. Some of these companies are our export suppliers as well.

Imports into Australia have been our main area of concentration in recent years. The bulk of our import sales are in container-load quantities sold to the domestic institutional sector and in bulk or foodservice packaging. We act as principals on our import orders.

Our main sources of direct imports have been Southeast Asia (India, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines), Europe (Spain, Holland, Hungary), North Africa (Morocco), and South America (Chile, Peru). For smaller than FCL Quantities, we also broker domestically stocked products from other sources.

Export shipments are made on the basis of firm orders placed by our clients in container loads - we do not keep stocks of these products in overseas markets.

The Food & Commodity Products business was started in 1995 and is run by Mr Roney Moallem, who has been in the food and commodity trading business for the last 30 years. Our trade bankers are Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney.

Please feel free to let us know if there are any particular product items you wish to enquire.